12 wonderful advantages that you can get for installing solar panels

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1. Renewable
Solar energy is 100% renewable and free. As long as the sun is shining you will have energy.
2. Abundant
The earth’s surface receives more about 120, 000 terawatts of solar radiation. This is 20 000 times more than we need to power the whole earth.
3. Sustainable
Just as this is 100% renewable it’s also 100% sustainable. We will never get to the point that we would use up the sun’s solar radiation.
4. Environmentally Friendly
This is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of electricity. With it there would be no pollution at all!
5. Abundant Availability
Solar energy is available all over the world. You can still use your solar panels on cloudy days. As long as the sun shines you will have power.
6. Reduces Electricity Costs
You can cut back on your monthly electricity bill when you run some appliances from your solar system. By running things like your lights, fridges and freezers on solar can help you reduce your monthly bill
7. Many Applications
The solar applications are so widespread. They use it from powering houses to powering satellites in space. It is even used to power purification water plants in Africa.
8. Shared Solar
All around the world solar farms are popping up. These farms supply electricity to the municipalities and then to home owners.
9. Silent
Solar systems are 100% silent. There are no moving parts whatsoever.

10. Financial Support from Government/State
From the first solar panels to the new ones today the government has slashed the prices by 50%. Using solar panels helps to lift the grid stress from the government.
11. Low Maintenance
The only maintenance that these units need is cleaning once in a while. Other than that yearly inspections should be done on the housing, stand fittings and wire connections. Some solar panels even have a 25 year warranty on them.
12. Technology is improving
With technology that keeps improving we can only imagine how powerful the next generation of solar panels will be.

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