Going green and save electricity

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We use the earth’s resources like oil, natural gas coal etc. to give us electricity. We have used so much of these resources that it’s starting to get scarcer and is being depleted. While we started to explore other ways to give us electricity such as sustainable energy through palm oil, Methane gas, animal manure and so on it’s still not a sustainable and clean way of energy.
But with a bit of research you will find there are much better ways for sustainable energy that’s clean and green. This energy comes from the sun, water and wind.
• The sun can be used to power your home or business with solar panels.
• Water can be used to drive turbines that generate electricity.
• Wind can also be used to generate electricity through wind turbines.
All of these methods are a clean green and free way of getting electricity.
One of the major with the traditional ways to generate electricity, i.e. mining for coal, drilling for natural gasses and burning these, is that we are polluting the earth so much that we do more damage than we actually realise.
We get between 8 and 10 hours of sun light a day so why waste it? Use it to charge batteries and run your house or business on an inverter or use the solar panel kit. Just think of all the money that you will save if your house or business runs on solar power! And when Eskom decides to have load shedding you can go on as normal without any worries.

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