How does Eskom allocate electricity to their users?

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In 2013/14 approximately 42% of the electricity from Eskom was sold to municipalities. This electricity is bought in bulk from Eskom and then resold to individuals and businesses alike, the mark-up on these sales constituting almost a third of revenue to the various municipal coffers.

What stands out is that the top eight metropolitan municipalities buying from Eskom purchased 65% of Eskom’s electricity but there are only 40% of SA’s residents living in these areas.


The following municipalities bought the most amount electricity from Eskom:

Johannesburg: 15%

Ekurhuleni: 13%

eThekwini: 11%

Cape Town: 9%

Tshwane: 9%


In 2013/14 Eskom sold electricity directly to the following sectors:

Industrial 25%

Mining 14%

International 6%

Residential 5%

Commercial 4%

Other customers 4%

The stats for 2015/16 will be announced at the end of 2016.

Eskom will have a price increase in 2016 with 17% on electricity.



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