Solar Water Heating (SWH)

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According to Eskom 49% of an average household electricity goes to heating up a geyser. Many people try to save energy by switching of the geyser but its disadvantage of this is that the geysers element doesn’t last as long as it should.

To move from a normal geyser to a solar water heating geyser has a number of advantages like:

  • The biggest advantage is that it uses free and renewable power and it is ecofriendly.
  • It can be used on cold and cloudy days and still have hot water.
  • A solar water heating geyser also brings down the dependence on fossil fuels.
  • A solar geyser can save up to 90 percent of your family’s water heating costs.
  • The weather-resistant tubes have the ability to withstand hail and frost.
  • You don’t need a water pump because the geyser is higher than the taps in the house.
  • Long term cost will be much cheaper than having a monthly bill on a normal geyser.

Disadvantage of a solar water heating geyser

  • Needs roof access to get to the geyser.
  • The geyser can’t be installed on a flat roof.
  • Short term cost is very high and expensive.
  • Maintenance is needed on the valve but not on the system itself.
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