Tips for saving electricity in your home

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1. Wear the right type of clothes
Dress for the temperature, when it’s hot get something cool and breathable and when its cold wear wool clothes, it keeps you warmer.

2. Open or shut doors, windows and curtains
During the summer open your windows and doors so the heat can escape your house. If you want to heat up or cool down your house do so in certain parts and close doors to areas you’re not using. During heat waves close curtains to keep the heat out.

3. Heaters and air cons
Only use heaters and air cons when really needed. Don’t heat your home to more than 20 degrees and don’t cool your house below 18 degrees.

4. Turn off heaters and air cons
Turn off heaters and air cons when leaving your house or when you are not using the specific room for a time.

5. Wash clothes in cold water
Save electricity by washing your clothes in cold water. Clothes that are washed in cold water keeps their colours longer and doesn’t wear out as easily. You can make a change in your monthly bill by using cold water.

6. Fridge and freezers
Make sure your fridge and freezer seals tight and that there are no gaps for cold air to escape. Best tempters for a fridge are 4 to 5 degrees and freezers -14 to -18 degrees. If you have a second fridge or freezer only use it when it’s necessary.

7. Insulate your roof
Insulating your roof can mean that you have a much colder house in the summer and hotter house in the winter. Make sure when you do install insulation that it has the right rating.

8. Switch off appliances and not just leave them on standby
All products that is on standby can use up to 10% of its normal consumption. Appliances like chargers should be unplugged, it can overheat and cause your battery to explode.

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