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1. Switch to LED light bulb: LED’s use a fraction of energy compared to normal bulbs and fluorescent bulbs.
2. Install a motion sensor: Installing a motion sensor in your rooms will help to save money because the lights will only be on when you are in the room and as soon as you leave the room the lights turn off again.
3. Get unplugged: Unplugging your electrical appliances that use a standby mode can help you save money each day. These appliances can use a lot of electricity on that you may not be aware of.
4. Use appliances efficiently: Use appliances like a washing machine and dishwasher only when you have a full load and get appliances that are energy and water efficient.
5. Let the sun shine: The cheapest source of heating and energy is outside your window. Get a solar panel to help power your house. Open the curtains and blinds so that the sun can heat up your house and cut back on the heating cost in the winter.
6. Stop leaks: Repair any leaking pipes, taps, showerheads and toilets. This helps you to cut down on the energy usage. Make sure your fridge and deepfreeze seals as it should. If not they use much more electricity to keep them cool and do their job as it should.
7. Installing solar panels and invertors: You can run your house off solar panels and invertors and cut back on the monthly bill. You don’t need to run your whole house of it but you can run things like your fridges, deepfreeze and lights of it.
8. Installing a solar geyser: Installing a solar geyser cut your monthly bill with a huge saving. Now you have a geyser that uses the sun to warm it and not electricity any more.
9. Charging phones: Teenagers these days charge their phones every 5 minutes. Only charge your phone when you need to or let its battery run out and then charge it. Alternatively get a battery pack or solar charger to charge your cell phone.
10. Boiling water: When you are a coffee or tea drinker and love to drink it a lot, boil a full kettle of water and make a cup. Pour the rest of the boiled water in a thermal flask to keep it hot for the next cup.
11. The right temperature: Set your fridge and freezers to the right temperatures. Fridges can run at a temp of 5 to 1 degrees and your deepfreezes can run at a temp of -1 to -5 degrees. If they are not set at the right temperatures they will work much harder and use much more electricity.

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