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  1. Make sure your generator is in a working condition and is been service after every two years or after every eight months when regularly used.
  • No fuel lines that’s damage or leaking fuel.
  • Open the fuel cap so that the fuel vapor buildup can be released.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean and not full of dust due to South Africa’s high dust condition.
  • Make sure when you put fuel in to your generator that you have a filter so filter the dirt particles out of the fuel if any may be in your canister.
  1. When you put your generator outside make sure of the following:
  • Don’t leave it in the sun to operate it will over heat and stop working.
  • Never leave it in an area where it can get wet after all it is electricity.
  • Make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area and away from any open windows, doors, pets or kids playing in the area.
  1. Starting and running of the generator.
  • When you want to start your generator make sure the output circuit breaker is off.
  • Switch the generator main power on.
  • Pull out the choke of the generator; it will help to start the generator easily.
  • When you started your generator give it a few minutes to warm up. In this time you can go and switch your main house breaker off with the geyser and stove. Always make sure you switched off the main breaker in your house because if Eskom’s power comes back on it can burn down your house or let your generator explode or kill the tech guy busy fixing the problem.
  • Don’t forget to push the choke back so that your generator doesn’t use a lot of fuel.
  • Now plug it to an inlet box. Most of us plug it straight in to a wall socket. This is a very big NO-NO. (The two best things to have when you run a generator are a: * transfer switch and an inlet box*.)
  • Now you can switch on the output circuit breaker on the generator. This will then supply electricity to your house.
  1. When you’re done using your generator.
  • Switch your generator off and unplug it.
  • Leave it outside for half an hour to cool off and release the last of its CO2 gasses before you lock it up.
  • You can now switch on all breakers on the main board that you have turned off.
    Transfer switch and inlet box

    *Transfer switch and inlet box*

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