Tips to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

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Tip 1: Professional Installation.
When installing solar panels get a professional to do it. Some clients think they can do it themselves to save money, but after a few months they realize their system doesn’t work right. At this stage when you get someone out to fix it and to reinstall the panels it is going to cost much more than what you originally saved.

Tip 2: Placement
The solar panel should be in a spot where it gets the maximum sunlight and it should be tipped in an angle towards the sun. Professionals will do the installation the right way and in the right place. Some home owners are emotionally connected to their properties, but professionals know where it would fit the best.

Tip 3: Wattage

It’s a big necessity to calculate your wattage that you need. If you don’t do this then you don’t know how big and many solar panels you will need. When you do your calculations do it on the stats of a month with the highest usage. For example in the winter when you have more power usages.

Tip 4: Energy safe all around
Maintaining your house with energy efficient appliances. Appliances with the Energy Star rating on them mean they are energy efficient appliances. Replace all old appliances like refrigerators, lights bulbs, microwave ovens and so on with energy efficient appliances.

Tip 5: Wiring
When installing solar panels you need to use the right wiring. When you use the wrong wiring you can lose power through it. Bad and too thin wiring can cause damage to your solar panels, house and may even electrocute you.

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