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With the advent of Eskom’s hiking of electricity prices and eratic energy supply, we as South Africans have been forced to change the way we view our energy management.  With a 25% increase in electricity this year already the options are changing rapidly and most people are looking toward a solar solution.

Our team are ready and standing by to help you change your spend and start saving money from day one. The installation of an alternative energy solution is clean, no fuss and no mess. Get hold of us and book a consultation or just order a plug in and go solution.

Who is NVmyPOWER?

Who is NVmyPOWER?

Founded by a group of serial entrepreneurs who recognize the need for immediate power solutions for a energy required market place. With experience in the energy sector for more than 12 years, we are equipped, able and ready to find the perfect solution to your energy needs.

Alternative energy solutions needn’t be a daunting experience and we know just how to find the best solutions for your new energy requirements. Allow us to take you on a journey to save money, secure your energy back up and allow a seamless transition to a safer and reliable energy source.

Perfect Products

Perfect Products

There are three components to your electricity bill. Cooking, heating or cooling ( hot water geysers, air-conditioners, heaters ) and general lighting and ancillary ( TV’s, fridges, lights, gate motors, pool pumps etc ).

At NVmyPOWER we focus on alternative energy solutions, energy saving products and energy consulting. Our primary focus is to provide you with immediate solutions to pressing challenges created by Eskom or municipal providers and then move on to a transition to leaner energy products. Why pay your hard earned money to Eskom when you can keep them all to your self.

License Opportunity

License Opportunity

If you are seeing the devastation of electricity price hikes and want to do something to service a market that needs solutions, and needs them now, then maybe you should consider checking out our license opportunities.

We are looking for the right kind of entrepreneurs who want a seamless turnkey business opportunity and love bringing solutions to the public. If you are a self starter, ambitious and looking for an exciting business idea then click on the link here under and request more information today. We are limiting our licenses available to the general public so enquire now and avoid the disappointment.

Message from Founder

Message from Founder

It is with great excitement that we here to serve a market place that has surely been deceived by our energy providers. With a middle class that exploded creating millions of new electricity connects that could not be full-filled, corrupt politicians and incompetent energy providers, we now face a whole new world in the South African energy sector.

We have to take matters into our own hands to avoid a total melt down in our daily existence. We have all become totally energy dependent which puts us at risk in terms of our security, our well being and finances. Business lost through load shedding runs into billions per month and yet the problem is still not being solved.

NVmyPOWER has taken control and now building product ranges to suit the market. Check out this short video from the founder and see the passion, the excitement and the leadership.

South Africa’s best financial investment is solar energy. Eskom increases @15-25% increase per annum makes it so.

Andrew Smith

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Solar Solutions

Installing solar in your home or business is fast becoming the best financial decision you will ever make. Eskom pushed their electricity up by 25% in 2015 already and will probably increase it by another 15% in 2016.

By installing an off the grid system, you immediately invest into a saving of 20% or so per annum. I don’t know about you, but for me, in my books, that’s an awesome investment.

A solar panel “absorbs” power from the sun and the great news is, it’s free. Once you have a solar capturing bank you can eliminate the need for Eskom and start capturing your own energy. Each home or business will have it’s own requirements and needs individual assessment. Put in an enquiry and let one of our team do an energy audit to calculate your energy requirements.



An inverter allows you to enjoy no more power outages that leave you in the dark. An inverter saves power into a battery bank and when needed, converts the power from you battery (DC power ) into Alternating current ( AC POWER) that is used by your appliances and lighting.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Installing LED light in your home or business can cut your electricity consumption by up to 90% and it’ll take a few minutes to do so. LED’s last longer than your standard incandescent bulbs and emit less heat. This is an obvious option that easily cuts your electricity bill.



Back up batteries are essential when installing an inverter. These batteries are not regular batteries, they are what’s called a deep cycle battery. We import only the best batteries to suit your needs.


Energy Audits

When you can reverse engineer how much energy you are using and where it’s being used, you can then start building an energy savings awareness. Every appliance or light will use a set amount of power which when re-balanced, can save you thousands. An audit takes around 1 hour and is professionally orchestrated to illustrate where you can save money.


“We would like to compliment NVmyPower on their professional engagement with us. Greg provided a detailed quote for a solar solution after consulting with us to get a good understanding of our needs and power consumption. The quote was transparent and easy to understand, and demonstrated the payback period and return on investment we could expect to see.”
Our son suffers from many allergic conditions which when treatment is required, we need electricity. When load shedding started we freaked out and needed an instant solution. After contacting NVmyPOWER we were consulted the same day and purchased an inverter initially and now building our off the grid solution. We want to be energy independent now and are being assisted by the experts.
I hate Eskom. For me it wasn’t about getting an alternative energy solution, it was more about who I was going to buy from. I chose NVmyPOWER as I felt they had the experience in a new market space that most don’t understand.
I have always been dubious of putting in an inverter. Firstly the cost seemed high and I was afarid it would blow up or something. My best friend insisted I speak to NVmyPOWER and convinced me to put in a solution. Now our lights stay on through load shedding. Our meat doesn’t defrost and our lelectric fence battery doesn’t run flat. Our lives are back to normal.

Licensee News

With the massive demand we are excited to offer license component to our portfolio. As leaders in the licensing/business opportunity industry we are fully aware of what it takes to run, build and own your own business.

Our training program teaches you how to prospect, find clients, consult and create solutions that help in the energy crisis. Click here for our disclosure document.