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Most people considering installing a solar system will be doing so in order to combat load shedding and power cuts and maybe to save a buck on their energy bill at the end of the month. Most people don’t know all the true benefits of going solar.

We should hope that everyone in South Africa has given solar some thought and considered it as a viable option for powering their homes. Why do you want to keep paying Eskom for an unreliable power supply at costs that are quite ridiculous?

Remember it doesn’t have to be a major outlay of funds! You can start with a small solar system and save hundreds of rands on your electricity bill every month. By simply switching your Lighting to LED bulbs can already save you 90% of your lighting costs!

Here is EXACTLY how you will benefit from going solar:

  1. The first and most obvious – SAVE HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS! By installing a solar system, you are eliminating the need to use power from the grid which we all know is way to pricey. If you are not aware, the sun is a free resource! Make use of it!
  2. Depending on how you set up your finance agreement (should you choose to finance your system, which is the most viable option), your repayment period doesn’t have to be very long and it is not as if you are paying off a car (depreciates in value); you are paying off an asset! It is one of the best investments to make right now!
  3. Wondering how much you are going to be able to sell your home for one day? Good news is that while you are saving money every month on your electricity bill, you are also increasing the value of your home! Imagine you are looking for a home and you find one with a functioning solar system! Definitely worth it to pay more for that home!
  4. You control your power! Firstly, you know exactly how much power you have. Secondly, you know that the supply wont cut out or surge. Thirdly, you are not paying through the roof for it.
  5. Contributing to a cleaner and safer environment! Many people won’t care much from this but it is an issue that we are all going to have to deal with throughout our lives. While you are saving money, increasing the value of your home and controlling your power you are also making the world a better place (environmentally that is)! Good for you!
  6. Should you decide to install a system big enough to power your whole home 24/7, you are luckily enough to say that you are energy independent! No matter what happens around you, as long as the sun is there you will have power! I can already picture the jealous stares I will receive from my neighbors when they are stuck in the dark!
  7. Solar is actually easy! People think that solar is complicated and that it just won’t work because it is too complicated. They are wrong. With the quality of solar companies out there today and new regulations and legislations that will have to be followed, you are sure to get an excellent performing system installed from your chosen company. The technology that we have at the moment makes it so easy to monitor your solar system from your laptop or even your cellphone! Check if all your panels are preforming, check the status of your batteries, check how much power your home has used or is currently using, check how long you can run your home from your solar system… etc. There is nothing you won’t know about your system! How is that for peace of mind!

So ask yourself again… is solar worth it? What other investment is going to save you so much money? What other product is going give you so much value?

Go Solar! Today!

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