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a third of your electricity bill!


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With a variety of options from 150l to 300l systems, flat plate or evacuated tube technology… we have the system to best fit your needs!

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What system do I need?

Every home is different; everyone’s needs are different therefore the right system for you is not necessarily the best or most expensive one. Deciding on the right system can be confusing and difficult. Our team is there to recommend the solution for you. They will evaluate and assess your property and needs (for example; How much space you have available for panels on your roof, which way your roof is facing, which area you are in and how much sun exposure you get, how many people are in your family, how much your water usage is and for what purposes etc.)

Simply CLICK HERE and our nearest branch will get in touch! Let’s get a bit of a better idea of what exactly the available technology is and what the differences are…

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What are flat plate collectors and what are evacuated tube collectors?

The two available collector (panels) available at the moment are flat-plate collectors and Evacuated tube collectors.

Flat-Plate Collector:

A metal box with a glass cover on top and a dark absorber plate on the bottom. Sunlight passes through the glass cover and strikes the absorber plate to generate heat, the heat is then transferred to the water which is running through pipes connected to the absorber plate. Flat-plate collectors are the cheaper option. They are less efficient than the evacuated tube collectors but still a great option!

The Brains of the system… The Albert Einstein of solar water heaters!

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Evacuated Tube Collector:

This is currently the best available solar water heating technology and is very efficient! This collector consists of separate glass tubes all connected to a manifold. Because the space inside the tube is a vacuum (which is a far better insulator than air), these collectors have a much better heat retention than the glazing design of flat-plate collectors. These collectors are 30% more effective than flat-plate collectors and even work in cold and windy weather conditions!

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The Brains of the system… The Albert Einstein of solar water heaters!

Our advanced solar controller comes included with most of our solar geyser systems. It has an LCD display with basic function buttons and is installed somewhere in your house where you can access it easily in order to control your solar system. It will always provide you with two temperature readings, the temperature of the water currently in the geyser as well as the temperature of the water leaving the collectors so that you can see how efficiently your collectors are working. There is a holiday function which can be activated when you are not home for a couple of days or weeks. The controller will turn off the geyser element and circulate the water from the geyser to the collectors until the water in the geyser is lower than 35 degrees or until it reaches 6am in the morning. The lower geyser temperature means there is a scope in the temperature for the sun to heat up the geyser again! There is also a manual heating function where you can manually heat the geyser to the desired heat using the geysers heating element.

…Just a few of many functions of our controllers

Our Available Systems (Customisable on request)

Indirect flat Plate

Indirect Flate Plate

Flat plate indirect systems (indirect split)
This is one of the most cost effective systems, using high efficiency flat plate collectors in an indirect configuration. The element is controlled by an advanced digital timer to maximize solar yield.

Available in:
– 150 Litre systems
– 200 Litre systems
– 300 Litre systems

These systems offer excellent reliability having no movable parts.We have .

Flat Plate Retrofit

Flat Plate Retrofit

Using a high efficiency flat plate collector retro-fitted onto existing Kwikot electrical geysers. The NuPower collector carries a ten-year warrantee. Circulation is controlled by an advanced solar differential controller which also manages the back-up element and various other safeties and temperature limit set points.

Available in:
– 150 Litre systems

These systems come either in 230V or 12V configurations for the pump and controller. For areas where power failures are a concern the 12V systems offer battery back-up, so circulation still takes place when there are power failures. The battery is charged from a mains powered trickle charger (much like an alarm or gate motor).

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