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LED lighting is not a new technology on the market but is the latest and best technology in lighting at the moment. LED’s have many benefits that people seem to not know about, if they did, why aren’t we all buying LED lighting products? Why are companies still manufacturing and selling fluorescent and incandescent lighting products for normal household use?

Here are some of the main advantages of switching to LED lighting products:

  1. LIFE SPAN: If you switch to LED lighting and leave your lights on permanently, they can last up to 10 years! (With the appropriate surge protection installed in the building). Yes, you might say the price of LED’s are ridiculous but look how long they are going to last you! Chances are that you will NEVER replace that bulb! Another point worth noting is the fact that the pricing on LED lighting products have dropped dramatically over the last few years. It is no longer a reason not to purchase LED lights. In some cases they are not even double the price of traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights!
  2. EFFICIENCY: LED Lights have an energy efficiency of up to 80%! This means that 80% of electricity used is turned into light with only a 20% loss. With traditional incandescent bulbs you only have an efficiency of 20%, this means there is a loss of 80% to heat! If your homes lighting makes up R600 of your electricity bill per month; by replacing your lighting with LED substitutes you can potentially cut that bill to only R120 per month! Imagine the savings in shopping centres and office parks!
  3. LED’s don’t need high-voltages in order to operate. Which means you can switch your home lighting to a small DC PV system and save even more money! They can also work in extremely high or extremely low temperatures, yes this won’t be a much of a advantage for normal usage. The lifespan of an LED bulb is also not affected by the amount of times you switch the bulb on and off! Of course the long lifespan of LED’s shows how durable and rugged the bulbs are as well! You can use LED’s in rough conditions and the chances of the bulbs breaking is minimal.
  4. 100% recyclable! LED bulbs are 100 % recyclable which just adds to their eco-friendliness! You are saving the environment by drawing less power from coal sourced electricity AND the product will be recycled when it eventually decides to give up! 

Take the first step to becoming more energy efficient and independent! Having LED’s also makes it a lot easier to get your house off-the-grid when the time comes that you decide that you don’t want to pay for energy from the Grid anymore!

These are only the main benefits of using LED lighting! Ask yourself something, why haven’t you switched to LED lighting yet? Do yourself and the environment a favour and switch. I know I could use an extra R480 (if not more!) every month!

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